Hire Premier 170 LPG Heater in London

Premier 170 heater 50kw item

Product Name: Premier 170 LPG Heater


Premier 170 LPG

  • High quality, safe and reliable heater
  • This heater can be used for warehouses, factories, leisure areas etc.
  • Clean burning
  • Quick warm up - no cool down cycle
  • Very efficient heating of the space.
  • No fuel spillage
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to operate
  • Automatic spark ignition system
  • Self diagnostic control
  • Certified to CE standard
  • Air circulating only facility included
  • safe and efficient source of heat
  • 53kW (170000Btu/h)
  • 70-75 dB low noise level
  • Thermostat Option
  • Ducting/diffuser Option

    Price: £166.95 per Each  

    Hire Period: 72hrs

    Availability: Greater London and surrounding counties

    Weight: 175 Kg.

    Item Number: PHL-1510

  •   = Volume pricing