Disposable Event & Catering Items Hire

Disposable Event & Catering Items Hire

This section contains all the disposables, consumable items and sundries needed for running your event. We can provide disposable plates, polycarbonate glasses, cups and cutlery for your guests. We have a full range of heating fuels from charcoal to gel fuel and gas canisters. This section also lists important kitchen supplies such as gloves, foil and rubbish bags. Call Kevin, Sue or Max during office hours. Alexander out of hours

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£10.31 per kg
Whipped Cream Chargers
£0.79 per Each*  

£14.70 per 150

£4.73 per 150
Sterno Chafing Fuel Cells catering items
£1.86 per Each

£3.10 per Each*  

£2.19 per Each*  

£8.35 per